This book is authored by the acclaimed Michael J. Freeman, Ph.D., an accomplished man whose work has altered the lives of everyone on the planet, including yours! He has singlehandedly created technologies and behavioral paradigms we all use today.  If you ever used computer core memory, heard a computer speak, played with a smart-toy, interacted with TV, or pressed #1 for this or #2 for that during a phone call, he is the man to thank. If your phone call ended in eerie silence, blame him. (See photos below)

When he is not working for himself, corporations and governments hire him for his unique foresight and analytical skills for planning purposes and to develop and evaluate new technologies. Not only does he evaluate current technologies he changes them.

You've probably never heard of Michael J. Freeman, Ph.D., because he keeps the lowest profile possible for a man so accomplished. Surprisingly, in over half a century of altering the world, there's barely a posed photo of him anywhere - except perhaps the small picture in the kindergarten's friends' tab on the website. But now he has important messages to convey through this book, so he has stepped forward.

Just as Freeman has revolutionized the current state of affairs with his groundbreaking technologies (and products) from the past, today he is developing ideas that will alter our future. You have never read a book like this. It is riveting to the core  (end).