America’s New-Abnormal Future

The release date of the book is scheduled for March 1, 2021. Thank you for your patience




Dr. Freeman is a leader in scientific trend analysis and predicting future events. He has never missed the mark in over 40+ years. In this book, he delves into why (and how) today’s American generation of youth will be a failed generation; unable and unprepared to cope with their own futures. Future Americans and America itself has a few unpleasant surprises coming down the behavioral pike. From Freeman’s perspective, the reason emanates from lack of a behavioral functional foundation; the prime ingredient of future success. Freeman says, “At the current rate of decline, you will be amazed how quickly an advanced civilization can devolve and turn into something none of you can imagine.” But he can imagine it. Envisioning the future is his job. He has never held another, and his accuracy is astounding. But he is not writing this book as some doomsday scenario. On the contrary, along with accurate prediction comes possible prevention. As Dr. Freeman puts it, “Nobody has ever paid me to tell them what is. They pay for information that enables them to either prepare or alter what happens tomorrow.” Freeman tells us the three most dangerous words in the English language these days are “the new normal.” They make the absurd appear everyday normal, even though it is far from normal. It’s entirely abnormal and will do great harm to future youth. America’s New-Abnormal Future is a book by Michael J. Freeman Ph.D., a leader in trend analysis and behavioral analytics, discussing the abnormal upbringing of kids today and how this will devolve into the failure of an entire generation. He talks about how accurate prediction creates an opportunity for prevention and feels strongly, American parents need to wake up to a looming behavioral disaster.